House in Town

“We’ll get a house in town, no need to move around when we really know how.”
Bonnie Raitt

The Land Trust Makes it Possible

I’m the proud owner of a house in town. I could afford it only because my local land trust owns the land, and I only had to buy the house. When I am ready to sell, I will sell to another income qualified homeowner who would otherwise not be able to afford a house in my town. Low income families are not the only ones who benefit from a land trust. Neighborhoods are made stronger when more families can own their own homes. Please find out if there is a land trust in your town and what you can do to support it.

Nona BeGood’s Blog

If you come to this blog by way of my column in the local land trust newsletter , you already know some things about me. I like to garden. I’m excited to be a homeowner. I love my town. I try to live lightly on the Earth. I’m a little quirky.

If you choose to follow my blog, you’ll get to learn more about many things that interest me. I’ll be able to share more opinions and talk about books or products that I like without the restrictions of representing a non-profit organization.

I’m excited to share what I’m thinking about and hope you’ll be interested in joining me on the journey.